Three Of The Engagements Rings That You Might Love

Having some amount of knowledge as it relates to picking out the best engagement ring from among the plethora of available choices is very important. This will help you to feel confident and comfortable, knowing that jeweler will not be able to sell you a ring for his or her own benefit, while ultimately leaving you and your fiancée disappointed. Below are three styles of engagement rings that you can consider:
Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
The emerald cut is among the most versatile style of all diamond and gemstone cuts because of its absolutely stunning look and the fact that it can be styled in just about any type of design. Solitaire emerald cut rings are equally as popular as the ones made with pave baguette stones or side stones around the ring.
This cut was created well over 3 centuries ago particularly for emerald gemstones; however, it was soon determined that the cut was quite captivating on diamonds and different types of gemstones. This cut results in a shallow and rectangular diamond or gemstone with approximately 58 facets, which are quite large and cause bright flashes when light is reflected off of them.
The length to width ratios of emerald cut gemstones or diamonds are typically more than 1.25. Classic emerald cut engagement rings have a length to width ratio of approximately 1.35, while more rectangular and longer emerald cuts have a ratio of more than 1.40.
In addition, emerald cuts are a lot more affordable in comparison to other types of fancy cuts; normally about 50 percent of the cost of a corresponding brilliant round diamond. In contrast to a lot of other types of gemstone or diamond cuts, it is possible for a supreme emerald cut to be achieved in well over 5 carats, which is considered a tremendously large carat size.
Halo Engagement Rings
Halo rings are among the most popular styles of engagement rings these days. They are gorgeous and enhance the center diamond in a number of ways. Essentially, a halo ring has smaller diamonds that encircle the center stone. The word “halo” is used since the middle stone appears to have a halo.

Although the settings of the halo ring are typically adorned with diamonds as the middle stone, this is not always the case. Halo ring settings can use sapphire, jade, ruby and all sorts of other gemstones. Additionally, halo engagement rings are used with different cuts of gems like old mine cut, round cut, pear cut and cushion cut.

The effect of the halo ring makes the center stone seem more brilliant and it draws the attention of the viewers straight to the stone in the center. It beautifully encircles and outlines the center stone and makes the ring a great deal more amazing.
Antique Engagement Rings

Brides who are looking for something different should consider antique engagement rings. This type of ring refers specifically to one that is more than 50 years old. Not only will the ring have an inherent charm and uniqueness, these types of rings are usually an instant heirloom, less costly and often have better craftsmanship.

Things to Look For in Antique Rings


Carefully examine the craftsmanship of the ring. Avoid poor replicas that imitate the style but fail to deliver the character and quality of an older ring.

Unusual Center Stones

Diamonds are presently the most popular stone used in engagement rings but this was not always the case. Many antique rings have softer stones like emerald, opal and pearl.


If your budget is limited but you would like the look of a larger diamond, an ideal choice would be an antique ring from the 1930s or the 1940s. These bands have diamonds that are in an elaborately carved setting and this makes the diamond seem larger.

These are just three of the many styles of engagement rings available. Having knowledge of these and other types will prepare you to choose the ring that is perfect for your fiancée.

Enchanted Engagement Rings For All

When the time comes to shop for the essential engagement ring, so much fun is in store for the groom, and maybe the bride too. More often than not these days, they shop together for the rings. There are so many beautiful styles and designs from which to choose. Where to begin….emerald cut engagement rings are a stunning shape. If you have not yet seen the Double French Set Diamond V ring, you are in for a surprise. The top of the ring is split into a V shape with the emerald cut diamond perched in the center and cascades of smaller diamonds down the two sides of the ring until the band becomes one again. Truly timeless and dazzling, it would be a beautiful gift.

This Emerald Cut diamond really sparkles in a Solitaire Tulip Cathedral design. Simple yet elegant, four prongs cradle the diamond in a tulip setting. This allows light to flow through on all sides, creating an unmistakable glow on the bride’s finger.
French set emerald cut rings are always open on the sides to highlight the emerald shape. Diamonds waterfall down the sides of the band to enhance the radiance of the ring.
Not to say Halo Diamond engagement rings would be any less beautiful on the bride’s finger than an emerald cut, but It is quite an experience. It makes my heart flutter to behold this one; the Cushion Halo Triple Diamond Band Ring. It is so unique, three bands of brilliant cut pave diamonds, the center band embraces the soul of the ring, the largest jewel is on the highest point of the ring. The next tier of sparkling diamonds just below that enhance the layering of the perfect glow of this engagement ring. Smaller gleaming diamonds march down the sides of the three rings. It is the most exquisite ring, available in platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

Halo engagement rings are perhaps the most unusual of all the diamond engagement rings. I think this one is quite appealing because of the differences. It is a round diamond set in white gold, accented with rose gold holding smaller diamonds around the center sparkler. Diamonds twinkle down both sides of this Floating Halo Engagement ring.
For those who prefer a little color with the diamond, perhaps your favorite color is blue. A Halo Diamond and Sapphire ring is an elegant, yet ornate choice. The diamond is framed by perfect cut sapphire around the top, while once again, smaller diamonds shimmer down the sides of the ring. The Pink Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring is accented in rose gold. This is another amazing, impressive option for the girl who loves pink. Similar to the blue sapphire and diamond ring, yet different and as exceptional.

When you find antique engagement rings, you may decide it is too exquisite to resist. While out shopping with a close friend of mine who is a personal trainer and is currently trying out a weight loss product called Pure Colon Detox to get in shape for an up n coming CrossFit competition, I ran across a most unusual antique ring with three stones, hand made in the early 1900’s in 18 K gold. The band is set in yellow gold but the two side diamonds are set in rose gold, just enough rose to cause the larger center stone to gleam even more. The next ring I spotted is so distinctive, I hope to do it justice when I describe it. It was designed in the late 19th century in 18 K gold with amazing detail in what is called a ‘lozenge’ shape. I believe this was the forerunner to the marquis shape. The 15 diamonds in the ring are European brilliant cut, all hand set in this ring. The side diamonds add sparkle to this century old antique engagement ring. Pretty amazing all around that it survived such a long time. If only it could tell us it’s memories.
I hope you have experienced some fun and gained some insight into shopping for the perfect ring. There are additional articles to come, with observations of other distinctive engagement ring styles.


Six Different Types Of Engagement Ring

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings, you need time to carefully think what exactly it is you want. Choosing the perfect ring can be quite a daunting process so I’ve decided to make things a bit easier for you and highlight six different types of popular engagement rings that are bound to put a sparkle in your partner’s eyes.

Mens Engagement Rings

Traditionally men haven’t worn engagement rings but in recent years there is seen to be a growing demand for them. A stylish mens engagement ring could involve a titanium band with a small diamond fitting or even a message of love engraved into it. Rings are available in gold, silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel and tungsten. Most men will prefer a subtle engagement ring as opposed to one with a great whopping diamond on it, so when choosing keep this in mind. Many women today are proposing to their husbands and even buying the engagement ring for them as a gesture of equality, not forgetting for the other reason of letting the world know that this particular man is taken!

Ruby Engagement Rings

The ruby is the gem of emotion, of passion and a symbol of the heart. This gemstone has in fact been one of the most valued stones throughout history. Many people are unaware that the ruby has been used in numerous cultures and civilizations as a means of protection as they were thought to have special powers able to protect the person wearing them. If you’ve fallen head over heels for your partner, a ruby engagement ring is an excellent way of expressing your love.
When choosing a ruby ring possibly the most fundamental factor is its color; as it should possess a deep pure red with few overtones. If you have your heart set on a ruby engagement ring but are struggling with the financial aspect of purchasing one, pink-red and maroon tones are often more affordable and still have the same finesse. One way in which ruby rings look even more stunning is if they are surrounded by clear diamonds and are set in white or yellow gold.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Probably one of the more unique styles of engagement rings, the black diamond ring encompasses a somewhat different look. The ring was actually made quite popular by the show Sex and the City in which the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw was proposed to with a beautiful black diamond ring. Black diamonds are very versatile as they can be used to contrast with white diamonds. Additionally they can be considerably cheaper than other types of engagement rings (though of course there do exist expensive black diamond rings). Rings with black and grey stones are as well very versatile, neutral and modern looking as they tend to suit nearly all types of other jewelery and clothing. If you’re looking for something that is truly different from what everyone else has and you enjoy having an element of mystery, charm and sophistication then this would certainly be an excellent option.

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings are some of the most pristine examples of diamond and platinum jewelery throughout history. The rings are specifically designed to be made as light and delicate as they possibly can be as so to reflect the tender and feminine nature of the wearer. Originally, extreme attention to detail was paid to in creating the designs in the early 20Th century and this is still reflected today as they are continuing
to be a very popular choice. Some prime features of edwardian rings are carefully interlaced styles that incorporate gentle curves as well as lattice patterns. The overall outcome is one that truly is in line with the nature of a woman. Back when they first became popular, they were usually made of platinum instead of gold which was preferred amongst Victorian society. Additionally sapphires were primarily used with diamonds being used as side-stones.

Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split shank rings incorporate a band that essentially separates into two strands as it approaches the crown. In this way the stone on the ring is further accentuated. The strands on the ring can be widely separated or simply have a narrow gap in between them — they can also overlap each other. Split shank engagement rings are truly versatile as they can be be plain gold or platinum or delicately encrusted with diamonds. The main purpose of the split shank ring is to enhance the centre stone (sort of like an optical illusion) whilst also giving an ‘airy’ appearance. The two strands also serve to increase the wearer’s comfort as a large stone with a thick band can for some women be rather too much. Another practical feature is that the split design provides more stability for a larger gemstone, meaning it is much less likely to twist on the wearer’s finger or even be bent out of its fixture.

White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold is an alloy containing pure gold mixed with platinum, silver or nickel. Opting for a white gold engagement ring truly is an excellent choice as they tend not to be overly expensive, they are of course extremely beautiful and possess the traditional sentimental value of gold. White gold is also a perfect balance between what is modern and what is traditional, as it is technically a modern twist on a traditional metal. If you like the look of platinum but are not a fan of the price, than white gold is also a good bet. Another advantage of a white gold ring is that it will not tarnish and will stand up to daily wear, especially if your partner uses their hands to work a lot.

The Beauty And Charm Of Custom Engagement Rings

Diamonds have attracted consumers for thousands of years. This is particularly true regarding the traditional diamond ring that is widely used as a gift in contemplation of marriage. Recently, custom engagement rings have entered the spotlight as a popular choice among both men and women. Below are some helpful tips if you are planning to shop for such a ring:

Choosing a Style and Cut

Although there is a broad range of styles and designs from which to choose, you may have noticed the popularity of solitaire engagement rings. The latter have been a favorite choice of couples for nearly a century. Solitaire engagement rings are beautiful in their simplicity and offer a timeless appeal to diamond lovers everywhere. Since the early 1900s, they have monopolized the market as the first and best-loved choice of almost every couple. Consider the styles mentioned below when shopping for the ideal ring.
Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Before shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you should give some thought to the stone’s cut. The Marquise cut is one option that many customers find highly attractive. The Marquise diamond cut has a specific shape that is highly recognizable. According to many expert jewelers, this cut originated in France when King Louis the XIV commissioned a stone cutter to create a special diamond ring shaped after the lips of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. It is this bit of history that resulted in the Marquise cut diamond receiving widespread popularity. When cut in this manner, the visual effect of gemstones, particularly diamonds, is truly impressive. A Marquise cut diamond is essentially a cross between an oval shape and the classic four corner diamond shape. With its round, smooth sides and pointed ends, it works well as a solitaire or in a multi-stone grouping.

Stunning Pear Cut

As its name implies, a pear-shaped diamond features a stone in the shape of a pear. It is also frequently referred to as a teardrop cut. Perhaps the most famous of all pear shaped engagement rings was the one given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, which was said to have a price tag of three million dollars. Although you are likely planning to spend a bit less than that, you should certainly consider this stunning style that is still a favorite among many celebrities. Invented in Belgium in the 15th century by Lodewyk van Berque, this lovely cut has never experienced a decline in popularity.
Understanding Cut Versus Shape

Although like most people, you may regard the terms as synonymous, the shape and the cut of a diamond are two entirely different features. The diamond’s shape refers to the design of the stone, while its cut is the characteristic that determines its ability to reflect light. The shape of a diamond is largely a matter of personal taste; however, a diamond’s cut can range in quality from ideal to poor. A well-cut diamond is crafted in such a way that light is caught and reflected out of the diamond’s top surface, giving it a brilliant sparkle. However, a diamond that is poorly cut results in this same light being absorbed rather than reflected. This results in a dull, lackluster appearance, therefore you should keep this in mind when shopping for an engagement ring.

Choosing a Setting

Although gold remains the most popular setting for solitaire engagement rings, you can also choose from white gold, which has a silver tone, or rose gold, which features a deep, reddish-gold hue that you may find appealing. Platinum is also an option; however, it is one of the most expensive of all precious metals.

Palladium Engagement Rings

Palladium is a silvery-white precious metal that is very rare. It was discovered in the early 19th century by William H. Wollaston who dubbed the element Palladium after the asteroid Pallas. Osmium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, platinum and palladium form a category of elements called the platinum group metals–PGMs. All six elements have similar chemical structures, but palladium is the least dense, has the lowest melting point, and is the most rare of the six. Similar to platinum, palladium engagement rings are also a beautiful choice if money is no object

Custom Diamond Rings

Although jewelry that is mass-produced has a certain appeal, nothing can boast the beauty of custom engagement rings. Unlike rings that are manufactured in bulk, customized jewels and their settings are hand made with a particular individual in mind. They are designed to the specifications of the buyer for the future wearer. This choice is perfect if you are looking for a ring that is entirely unique.

Colored Diamonds and Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

You may be aware of the fact that diamonds are also available in shades of blue, green, or pale gold, all of which are difficult to acquire, and therefore costlier than their colorless counterparts. However, pink is the rarest of all colored diamonds, making pink diamond engagement rings the most expensive choice in this category. If money is no object, you owe it to yourself to consider this lovely, enchanting color.

Peridot Engagement Rings and Other Beautiful Selections

Many cultures believe that those who wear peridot engagement rings are protected from evil spirits, negative emotions, and even physical harm. Whether or not you are superstitious, you will likely find the folklore surrounding this beautiful, lily-green gemstone both amusing and intriguing. If you are looking for a nontraditional engagement ring, you should consider a peridot stone.

Synthetic diamond engagement rings are an ideal option if you and your fiancé must work within a strict budget. Fortunately, today’s synthetic diamonds are virtually impossible to differentiate from authentic gemstones, making them a great choice if a traditional diamond engagement ring is financially out of reach.


Regardless of the style, cut or stone you choose, consider having your rings engraved. Engraved engagement rings feature a personal touch with which other options cannot compete. In addition, this feature is typically not costly, but can make your engagement ring a one-of-a-kind adornment.

Additional Considerations

If you are wondering where to buy engagement rings, you will be pleased to discover that such items are easily located online or in traditional bricks and mortar establishments. However, it is essential to ensure that you conduct business with a reputable merchant. For this reason, making inquiries at your local Better Business Bureau and reading customer reviews online are wise actions prior to making a final selection.
Finally, whether searching for custom engagement rings or traditional options, it is always in your best interest to comparison shop before committing yourself to a transaction with a particular designer. Although trends change on a regular basis, diamond engagement rings will likely remain a popular favorite of jewelry fans throughout the world.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands: Keep The Masculine Look

Until quite recently, the term mens diamond wedding bands might have seemed like a contradiction. Diamond wedding bands are for the girls, surely? Not any more — these days, men are embracing these stunningly handsome pieces of jewelry as eagerly as women.

Of course, men’s wedding rings of any kind haven’t been around all that long. Even now, it’s not obligatory to have one, but most people think it’s a good idea. Nowadays, if a man without a wedding ring turns out to be married, most of us wonder exactly what he’s up to.

So, as the big day approaches, most couples will decide to have an exchange of rings, and diamonds are likely to be the first choice for him, as well as for her. There used to be a saying — and a song — that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that’s definitely in the past. The styles of diamond matrimonial rings for men are quite different from the styles of women’s rings, and they are classy enough to tempt even the most conservative dresser. To help you find a ring you’ll actually want to wear, Camelot is a great retailer.

Keep the Masculine Look
If it’s very important for you not to be thought less than masculine, one smart way of distinguishing your ring from the ladies’ version is to use a black diamond. Black diamond wedding bands for men provide a distinctly masculine alternative to white diamonds, and have completely won over many guys, just because of the character they exude. While a white diamond flashes light, a black one absorbs light, so the darker it is, the higher it’s graded — and the more it costs, of course.

A diamond matrimonial ring often has a solitaire diamond, which can be all sort of shapes — round, oval, heart-shaped, or even diamond-shaped, of course. However, it’s also possible to have a baquette wedding band — baguettes are small rectangular diamonds, and are often used as side stones to set off the main stone. However, a baquette wedding band can consist entirely of baguettes, or the baguettes can alternate with other gems such as sapphires. To ensure a more masculine look, you might prefer the baguette-only version.

Another way that men’s rings can be easily distinguished from women’s is that they can be set in a wider range of more contemporary materials. Of course it’s perfectly possible to have mens gold diamond wedding bands, and you may be one of those who like to stick with the traditional. However, nowadays there are plenty of other materials that might make a man feel happier.

Materials to Make you Happier
One of these is palladium. Palladium is a very suitable material for a man’s ring — it’s much more durable than gold and it doesn’t tarnish, so he can keep it on all the time, whatever type of work he does. After all, if he has to keep taking the ring off, he’s almost certain to lose it.

Other great things about mens palladium wedding bands are that they actually look like platinum, but are much cheaper. Palladium has the brilliance, as well as the durability, of platinum, without the high price. In fact, mens palladium wedding rings can be said to encapsulate all the desirable qualities of other jewelry metals into a really affordable package.

But there are plenty of other choices for a wedding ring to set you apart from the girls. One material that’s a first choice for many men is titanium, and the titanium wedding band for men is a trend that’s really catching on. Many men actually prefer a titanium wedding band because it’s incredibly lightweight, yet as strong and durable as palladium. It can either be as brilliant as palladium and platinum, or brushed for a more contemporary look.

In contrast to titanium, which is one of the lightest metals on earth, tungsten is one of the heaviest — and one of the hardest, too. In fact, diamonds are the only metal that can scratch it. These are all qualities that will appeal to your average male.

So a tungsten wedding band has huge appeal to lots of men. It has a wonderful natural luster, which will always be the same as the day it was bought. It’s really fashionable, as well as keeping its masculine look.

A Good Brand
If you’re wondering where to find a palladium, titanium or tungsten wedding band, one good brand is Benchmark — they are one of the few designers who put these metals on an equal footing with the traditional metals, and make men’s wedding rings as important as women’s. They have an impressive range of men’s designer titanium wedding rings as well.

In fact, Benchmark is a great place for mens designer wedding bands of all types, including diamond ones. Their selection includes white and yellow gold rings with round bezel-cut diamonds, bands with black and white diamonds, and platinum bands with 8 diamonds plus satin finish. There are stores in most cities of the USA where the Benchmark brand is sold.

Decisions, Decisions
Like me, you almost certainly know guys who simply can’t make a decision about anything really important, like what color they want for their wedding ring. For a guy who’s having a tough time making a choice, maybe mens two tone wedding rings will be a solution. These can be incredibly versatile — combinations can be virtually unlimited, but can include gold-silver, silver-black and gold-black. Lots of mens two tone wedding bands include a two-tone finish too, such as those provided by

Diamonds Are For Ever
One really great idea for a wedding ring is to combine it with an eternity ring, and the best gem for this is surely the diamond. With mens diamond eternity wedding bands, the indestructibility of the diamond symbolizes the durability of the marriage, and of the love the couple will share together. So it’s a perfect way to demonstrate your commitment.

Eternity rings come in two different styles — a half eternity ring, where the stones go halfway round, and a full eternity ring, where they go all the way round. Mens diamond eternity wedding bands will cost at least twice as much as ordinary ones, and if they are the full type, they will be even more than that, as they have to be custom made — they can’t be resized. But if you can scrape together the money, you will certainly feel it’s worth it.

Impress the Guys
The one thing you can be sure about if you’re a bridegroom is that there’s no need for you to avoid diamonds, just because the bride will be wearing them. The key is not to be too flashy with your diamonds — seek to be subtle and classy. With the right men’s wedding ring, you can hit the balance between stylishness and masculinity, and find the band you’ll be really proud to wear, even around the guys at the golf club.

Antique Engagement Rings: Beginning A Wonderful Relationship

Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings
Antique engagement rings are much in demand, at present. You have taken a great deal of trouble in finding a spouse, and now you need a suitable treasure with which to adorn your (or her) finger. Before you begin searching, there are a number of things to know. The term “antique” is a rather loose one when applied to jewelry, referring to an item made a generation ago (the 1980s) or back into the mists of time. The engagement ring, as we know it, dates from the Georgian era, the early 1700s to the early 1800s. The older the ring, the rarer and the more costly it is. The more affordable antique rings date from the Victorian era, the later nineteenth century. Of course, there were many beautiful rings made during the twentieth century.

Setting the Price
Before you begin searching for the right ring with which to share your life, consider whether you want an antique engagement ring or a vintage inspired ring. The two are not the same, vintage inspired engagement rings being generally less expensive than the antique kind. However, there are many more variables that determine the price of a ring. You may be lucky and find a beautiful three-stone ring on eBay for less than one thousand dollars, while a contemporary custom-made piece from Tiffany & Co or Van Cleef & Arpels may swallow up the deposit for the house. Set a price ceiling for the ring and stay with it.

The Very Old Antique Ring
If your heart is set on buying a very old engagement ring, visit The Three Graces website, which has Georgian jewelry for sale. Be prepared to pay upwards of ten thousand dollars for an antique ring in good condition. Rose cut diamonds were popular in this era and the metal was always yellow gold, never white gold or platinum. Remember that quality does not deteriorate with age, and antique engagement ring settings should always be undamaged and the stones lustrous. Ask the dealer for a certificate of authentication before you purchase, a good idea in all cases.

The Antique Solitaire Ring
The solitaire is one of the most beautiful of antique diamond engagement rings, encompassing an enormous range of styles and prices. You can choose a brilliant step cut diamond in a solid art deco setting or a more traditional, round brilliant cut diamond in a delicate, filigree or marcasite setting. A solitaire diamond set in platinum by Tiffany & Co will cost several thousand dollars, but there are a number of much less expensive solitaire rings on sale, made around the 1930s.

The Antique Ruby Ring
The ruby has long been the stone of choice for lovers, no doubt because the reddish color is a symbol of passion and desire. Among the many traditions surrounding the stone is that it can restore youth and vitality, and is supposed to darken in color when danger is in the offing, very useful qualities for married couples. has a superb range of antique ruby engagement rings on sale; solitaires, three-stone rings and rubies set in diamond clusters. Make sure the relationship is going to last though, because the prices of these lovely items, both vintage engagement rings and contemporary rings, run into thousands of dollars.

The Victorian Engagement Ring
There are a great number of Victorian engagement rings for sale, unsurprising because of the nineteenth century expansion of jewelry production and the fashion for exchanging love tokens. Early Victorians loved the abstract designs inspired by the orient, though later nineteenth-century design, known as art nouveau, shows a definite swing towards nature. Art nouveau pieces were fashioned as stemmed plants, animals and insects. Do not overdo this; your fiancée may not want to go through life with a gold wasp on her finger. One Victorian favorite was the “dearest” ring, a gold or platinum band with the letters of “dearest” spelled out in different stones; diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz.

The Antique Sapphire Ring
The sapphire has long been a token of fidelity, thus its popularity in both contemporary and vintage diamond rings. No one can deny the beauty of this blue and brilliant stone when surrounded by other, equally brilliant stones. has a selection of antique sapphire rings on sale. Designer names include Oscar Heyman Brothers and Jean Schlumberger, who worked for Tiffany & Co. Berganza also has a number of Edwardian rings for sale, a sign of the popularity of the stone, one century ago. This was helped by the emergence of platinum as the metal of choice for precious rings, thus adding to the brilliance of the sapphire.

The Three-Stone Engagement Ring
Forget the “two is company, three is a crowd” rule if you set your heart on a three-stone antique engagement ring. The London Victorian Ring Company has beautiful three-stone rings for sale, one popular kind being a ruby or sapphire with a white diamond on either side. You can choose an art deco-style ring set with step cut diamonds in a witty, modern design or round brilliant cut diamonds in a traditional “row of three” arrangement. Because of their popularity during the early twentieth century, there are quite of number of these pieces on the market, which puts the “three stone” among the more affordable of antique rings.

The Art Deco Antique Engagement Ring
When in search of vintage inspired engagement rings, do not overlook art deco designs. This style emerged in the early twentieth century, growing out of innovations in chemistry and technology. Craftsmen were able set mock jewels, made of new materials like bakelite, into stainless steel settings to create dress jewelry. This innovation inspired the design of precious jewelry, with stepped and emerald cut diamonds being used to create distinctive pieces. The London Victorian Ring Company sells striking and affordable diamond art deco rings, in platinum, yellow and white gold settings.

The Affordable Engagement Ring
There is a world of affordable antique engagement rings to choose from. Only you can decide whether to seek your treasure in the depths of a traditional antique dealing store or go modern on eBay. Since many relationships begin online nowadays, this might not be a bad idea and the ring will certainly be less expensive to buy, too. Antique fairs and open-air markets are also good hunting grounds for affordable and unusual pieces. In summary, choose your ring as carefully as you have chosen your spouse. Decide what kind of jewel you want, set a price limit and make sure the piece is authentic and in good condition before parting with any money.